Investing 101: How To Buy Stock

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Bryan Chops

Investor Extraordinaire

I am passionate about investing in the stock market and I created this site to help beginners like you break into stock market trading. I have taken several Investing 101 courses to learn stock market trading and visited a lot of beginners investing websites to give you an idea of which sites and courses are the best.

My Background

I graduated from a top school in Oklahoma with an engineering degree. I secured my first job and dutifully began saving money. However, I realized I didn’t know what to do with my savings. It was sitting in the bank earning 2% and I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere that way!


Investing 101: Learn to Trade Stock

I started looking into the stock market and realized this was something I should be taking advantage of. With so much information out on the internet, it was a little overwhelming at first. I decided to take a stock investing 101 class at my local community college to get a good idea of what I was dealing with. Afterwards, I still didn’t feel confident in my knowledge, so I took the Investing 101 course offered by


Before I realized it, I was hooked on trying to make money in the stock market, with both a buy and hold strategy for 80% of my money, and a make-a-quick-buck strategy for my other 20%. I started taking other online trading courses to learn to trade. I realized some courses were good and some were not. This website is a reflection of my experiences based on 5 years of investing in the stock market.


Use this site as a guide to help you learn how to buy stock!